Blüthner Artists PianotainmentPianotainment

Pianotainment’s up-beat duo-piano concerts have become a global sensation, bringing  their unique brand of complex four-handed piano and humorous stage performance to sold out crowds world-wide.

 The program ranges from classical music to folk, jazz, latin, and hits from the current rock and pop scene - delivered with style. Stephan Weh and Marcel Dorn draw on over ten years of stage experience to the fullest with an inventive program, particularly for their famous “Center Court Blues”, played on the piano with tennis balls!

The pair became acquainted back in 1996 during military service. Both of them had been classically trained since early childhood, and quickly discovered their mutual appreciation for jazz and blues. Dreaming of a new kind of jazz piano performance, delivered with technical prowess and a good dose of humor, the Pianotainment show was born.

Together, they continue to enjoy premium international venues and fame. In China, they are known as “Dabao” & “Xiaobao”, and are the flagship piano team for Blüthner pianos. In Germany, the duo showcased at the 2006 World Cup and performed for the UNICEF Gala Concert benefiting the Tsunami victims. They have played in cities such as London, Paris, Shanghai, Leipzig and recently opened the new Goethe Institute in Abu Dhabi. They even gave a sensational concert on the slopes of an exclusive ski resort in Dubai.