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The Blüthner Model 1 A Limited Edition Concert Grand 2014


Blüthner Model 1 A 2014

The masterpiece of the Blüthner grand piano line is now avaialable in a second edition, the Blüthner concert grand Modell 1 A. The A edition is certainly one of the most dependable instruments with regard to stability of tuning, regulation of the action and http://jumpstartberks.org/levitra-from-canadian-pharmacy steadfastness in adverse climatic conditions.

Orchestras and pianists alike are impressed by the pwerful sound, the shading of the dynamics and the http://adventistar.net/joomla3/index.php/best-online-generic-levitra/ outstanding performance of order viagra today statistics the instrument.  

“Blüthner instruments can really sing. This is probably the greatest compliment that can be paid to an instrument.” - Wilhelm Fürtwangler.

The Model 1 A is available in a variety of finishes and veneers. Please ask us directly about special case designs, supreme addition art cases, inlay, inscriptions and our unmatched selection of wood veneers.


The Blüthner Model 1 A
Length: 279 cm
Width: 157 cm
Height: 100 cm
Weight: 525 kg

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