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Artist View:

Konstantin Wecker

"Brilliant! There is this characteristic Blüthner tone that I recognize again immidiately."

Thursday, March 21, 2013 - Leipzig: The renowned German songwriter reconnected with his childhood love for the Blüthner tone during a special factory tour. The tour came about at the request of Mr. Wecker himself, who had grown up with a Blüthner instrument. "Fifty years ago, my mother bought a Blüthner. In order to get together the money, she cleaned houses. That is something from her that I have never forgotten:"

Mr. Wecker went on to explain that he recognized the characteristic tone of his original first generation Blüthner, which was built nearly 150 years ago, in the instruments built by the family-owned pianomaker today. The voice was immidiately identifiable for him, like reconnecting with an old friend.

Today, the first generation Blüthner instrument lives in Wecker's home in Italy, having been restored just a few years ago. Friday night, Mr. Wecker will take the stage at the famous Leipzig Gewandhaus. It promises to be an enchanting evening for all.

Photos: Sebastian Willnow