Blüthner Classics

Martha Argerich & Mauricio Vallina

Martha Argerich and Mauricio Vallina perform for the Blüthner Classics Special
on September 3, 2013 at the Gewandhaus in Leipzig, Germany.

At the end of the concert, something rare happened, something inspiring that also touched the musicians deeply. As Mauricio Vallina and Martha Argerich returned to the stage after the first round of applause, the entire audience burst into a standing ovation, thanking the artists with long applause and bravos for an exceptional evening. While the two pianists certainly expected extensive applause, this gesture from the audience went well beyond the usual measure of friendliness and appreciation.

Photos: © 2013 Gert Mothes.

The entire evening had an aura of magic about it. Seven years had passed since the Grande Dame of the piano last performed in Leipzig. Within the first few notes of Busoni’s transcription of Mozart’s “Fantasie für eine Orgelwalze” Martha Argerich and Mauricio Vallina began to play with stunning synchronicity. The two pianists appeared to think with the other’s voice, simultaneously interpreting and responding to the other in a dense, sensory interaction beyond virtuosity.

The sold-out performance was broadcast by the Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk (MDR), the largest classical radio station in central Germany. The two Blüthner concert grands sang under the hands of both the piano masters.

Martha Argerich herself is a Blüthner owner and was pleased to sign the Blüthner company guest book:

“It was my pleasure, not a concert like so many others. I must say that it was a very special concert experience for me to play on both wonderful Blüthner grand pianos, together with Mauricio Vallina and before an extraordinary audience!

Thank you!

Martha Argerich
2013 Leipzig”