Blüthner Artist Duo Ars Synerga Ars Synerga Duo

The Art of Interaction.  Individuality, fusion and confrontation of two personalities on two pianos. This is the fascination of being a soloist and partner simultaneously, to sound new tonal experiences and arrangement possibilities to their limits.

After their solo piano studies at the Felix-Mendelssohn-Bartholdy School for Music and Theater in Leipzig Juliane Tautz and Stephanie Dathe founded the piano duo “ars synerga” in 2003. On invitation of the Julius Blüthner Pianoforte Company, they studied in 2003 and 2004 at the international Summer Academy Mozarteum Salzburg in the master classes of Professor Sergej Dorensky (Moscow) and Joseph Paradore (Boston).

They have been taking piano lessons from Mrs. Professor Ute Pruggmayer-Philipp (Dresden) and from the German piano duo Hans-Peter und Volker Stenzl.

On April 30th,2004 these young pianists entertained over 10.000 people and various radio and television stations during the open air event “Sternstunden Europas” in Celebration of the expansion of the European Union in Dreiländereck in Zittau.

2004/2005 they performed in the “Wiener Saal” and the theater hall to the Orff Institute in Salzburg, the “Gewandhaus” Leipzig and “Alte Handelsbörse” Leipzig, during the Schumann Festival Week, in the festival of modern music “Spinnerei III” in Leipzig, in the Katharinensaal in Rostock, and in the Congregations Hall in Neuburg/Donau.

The premiere of their concert program “Nachtklänge” (night sounds) occurred on the 23rd of September, 2005 in the main hall to the BIO CITY building in Leipzig with personal adaptations,percussion,dance,as well as light and video installations.