Timur Sergeyenia

Timur Sergeyenia has been performing in public concerts for 35 years now.  He has given more than 2000 concerts in Germany, England, France, Monaco, Mexico, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Romania, Russia, Belarus, Moldova, the Ukraine, Lithania, Latvia, and other countries.

Timur Sergeyenia was born in Minsk, Belarus in1969. His musical education began when he was three years old at a special school for talented children at the National Conservatory Minsk. His first teacher was Prof. Vladimir Kuzmenko.  At the age of four he gave his first public concert with his own compositions. At seven he performed for the first time as a soloist with the National Chamber Orchestra of Belarus.  Timur was known as a young pianist and composer. He was the author of numerous piano works. He wrote in In 1978 Timur wrote "Khatyn Ballad" which attracted the attention of press and made ??him famous in the USSR, as a child prodigy.

In 1979, Timur was a representative of the Soviet Union at the first World Children’s Assembly "Banner of Peace" (Sofia, Bulgaria), where he was recognized as one of the most talented participants.
During this period, numerous film and television studios of the USSR, Bulgaria, East Germany, the Czech Republic have made about Timur documentary films, television and radio shows.
In 1980, the Japanese broadcaster SBS invites Timur as a representative of the USSR in the international project "Children of the world "  The film about Timur Sergeyenia "Young Composer", been shown in many countries around the world. In 1982, the film received the Grand Prix at the Film Festival in Milan

He has been educated by outstanding teachers such as, Prof. Irina Tswetajewa, Prof. Valerij Schatskij (National Conservatory Minsk), Prof. Naum Starkman (National Tchaikowsky Conservatory in Moscow)

Masterclass: T. Nikolajeva, V. Merjanov, L. Berman, K. H. Kammerling, J. Meyer-Josten, F. Gevers, Fou t´Song, F. Leygraf, P. Badura-Skoda.

Timur Sergeyenia has successfully combined his concert work with his pedagogical and scientific activities. From 1996-1999 he worked as a piano-teacher at the National Conservatory Minsk and at the Special Music School for talented children where he himself had been trained.  From 1995-1998, within the scope of his cooperation with the Institute of Scientific Research for problems of culture at the Academy of Sciences of Republic of Belarus, he wrote a book titled: "The psychological and physical training of musicians for the performance of public concerts".

Since 1999 Timur Sergeyenia has been living and working in Germany.  Since 2001, Timur Sergeyenia organizes own concert projects:

2001-2002      "The history of piano music" (10 concerts)

2002-2003      F. Schubert  piano works (5 concerts)

2003-2005      "Sonatas for violin and piano"

with Prof. M. Bezverhny, violine and Prof. L. Umnova, violine, Sonatas of W. A. Mozart,  F. Schubert, R. Schumann, J. Brahms, E. Grieg, C. Frank, R. Strauss, D. Shostakovich. (10 concerts)

2005-2006      L. V. Beethoven 10 Sonatas for Violine and Piano

With Prof. M. Bezverchny (violine)
2006-2007      J. S. Bach. “Goldbergvariationen 7 performances”

2007-2008      L. V. Beethoven. 32 Sonatas for Piano (9 concerts)

2008-2009      F. Schubert Sonatas for Piano (6 concerts)

2009-2010      L. V. Beethoven Piano Concerts

2010-2011      R. Schumann Piano Works

2011                W. A. Mozart Piano Sonatas

F. Liszt Piano Works

Since 2005 Timur Sergeyenia was appointed as Professor of Piano-Chamber Music at the Royal Conservatory Ghent (Belgium).  Since 2008, Timur Sergeyenia - conductor of his chamber orchestra "Timur und seine Mannschaft" (Belgium)  In 2010, Timur Sergeyenia was invited to the role of Robert Schumann in the film by Pierre Viallet "Hommage an Robert Schumann (Germany - France)

Festivals: Chichester Festival (England), Cannes Music Festival (France), Festival de la Paix (France), Concentus Moraviae Music Festival (Chech Republic), Tibor Varga Music Festival (Swiss), Mexico-City Int. Music Festival (Mexico), Saxa Musik Festival (Sweden), Auvers sur Oise (France), "Seiler" Piano Festival. (Germany), "Kamermuziek Houtland" (Belgium), Festival du Comminges (France), "Gentse Feesten" (Belgium), Watson Forbes Music Festival (Schotland)…

Concert Halls: Palais des Congrès, Paris, Radio France, Paris, Opera Theater Marseille, Opera Theater Avignon, Palais des Festivals, Cannes, Opera Theater, Monte Carlo, Congress Palace, Bucharest, Warsaw Philharmonic Concert Hall, Opera Theater Mexico, Chichester Cathedral (England), Concert Hall of the Moscow State Conservatory, Concert Hall of the Brussels Royal Conservatory…


Conductors: Yurij Tzirjuk (USSR), Yurij Efimov (USSR), Fuat Mansurov (USSR-Russia),

Viktor Dubrovsky (USSR), Arnold Katz (USSR - Russia), Waldemar Nelson (Russia - Italia), Alexander Anissimov (Belarus), Micha Katz (France), Meir Minsky (Israel), Vladimir Valek (Chech Republic), Patrick Davin (Belgium), Georg Maes (Germany), Dmitry Liss (Russia), Gintaras Rinkevichus (Lithuania), Vladimir Sirenko (Ukraine)…

Orchestras: National Symphony Orchestra of Romania "George Enescu" (Romania), National Symphony Orchestra of Mexico (Mexico), Marseille Opera Symphony Orchestra (France), Symphony Orchestra "Slovak Sinfonietta" (Slovak Republic), National Symphony Orchestra of Moldova, National Symphony Orchestra of the Republic of Belarus (Belarus), National Symphony Orchestra of Lithuania (Lithuania), Symphony Orchestra "Radio Prague" (Chech Republic), Timisoara Symphony Orchestra, Craiova Symphony Orchestra (Romania),Novosibirsk Symphony Orchestra (Russia), Ekaterinburg Symphony Orchestra (Russia), Lviv Symphony Orchestra (Ukraina), Orchestra of State Opera Theater of the Republic of Belarus (Belarus), Radio Orchestra of the Republic of Belarus (Belarus), National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine (Ukraine), National Chamber Orchestra of the Republic of Belarus (Belarus), Chamber Orchestra "B-A-C-H" ( Russia ), Chamber Orchestra "Russian Soloists" (Russia), "Apollo-Ensemble" (Germany ), Orchestra "Timur und seine Mannschaft" (Belgium)…

Timisoara Symphony Orchestra, Craiova Symphony Orchestra (Romania)