Blüthnre Artist Martha LledoMarta Lledo

Marta Lledo is an internationally renowned pianist, known for her passionate tango interpretations as well as her classical repertoire. Born in Santiago del Estero, Argentina, Marta Lledo began her classical piano studies at four years old, performing on radio broadcast s at six. Marta Lledo is a graduate of Williams Conservatory of Music in Buenos Aires, and the Tucuman Conservatory of Music. By the time she turned 21, she was regularly performing with the the National Symphony of Argentina, and in such venues as the San Martin Theater, the Belgrano Auditorium and the Colon Theater.

Since then, Marta Lledo’s intrigue with the tango music of Argentina has led her to study under  such masters as Carmen Gomez Carillo, Etelvina Chinicci, and Elsa Pupullo, and to perform throughout Latin America.  Today, Marta Lledo resides in the United States studying with Nino Merabishvilli, a graduate from the Moscow Conservatory of Music.  Marta Lledo is an international artist with an exceptional command of her instrument.