Blüthner Artist Phillipe CavagnatPhillipe Cavagnat

Philippe Cavagnat has already colaborated with various piano masters, including:  Jean-Claude Pennetier, Henri Barda, Dominique Merlet, Itamar Colan and Giovanni Bellucci. He has won multiple awards at the Médoc Aquitaine Piano Competition and has performed at the music festival in Grésivaudan in July 2005 and at the Festival Lisztmania in 2007. More recently, Phillip Cavagnat has performed together with the Trio „Verlaine“ (Simon Roturier Geige, Nicolas Defranoux Violoncello) at the Festival Rocque D'Antheron, at the Folles Journées in Nantes and at the Grange de Meslay music festival.

Phillipe Cavagnat began playing piano at age 6. In 1991 he studied at the conservatory in Bodeaux under the instruction of Lucienne Delourmes, and then later at the Ecole Normale für Musik, where he worked with Victoria Melki.

In 2002 he was unanimously accepted to by the jury at the Paris Conservatory to study there. He was taught by George Plludermacher, Francois Frederic Guy and Claire Désert. In2006he received his diploma with outstanding marks..

After competing over the following years for acceptance into the Master#s program at the Paris Conservatory he began to work with Roger Muran for his studies. His success in various competitions won his prizes and even a Blüthner grand piano.