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Paley, Alexander

Alexander Paley

Internationally recognized for his exceptional and comprehensive repertoire of concert and solo-piano works, along with his brilliant technique and convincing, personal interpretations. Born in 1956 in Moldova, Paley studied under Bella Davidovich and Vera Gornostayeva at the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory.



Pianotainment’s up-beat duo-piano concerts have become a global sensation, bringing  their unique brand of complex four-handed piano and humorous stage performance to sold out crowds world-wide.

Pizarro, Artur

Artur Pizarro

‘...for those who value above all the intoxicating allure of these treasurable pieces, Pizarro has no rivals’ - International Record Review.

Pletnev, Mikhail

Mikhail Pletnev

“. . . Pletnev’s pianistic mastery remains breathtaking . . . both slow movements are magically coloured and inflected; and few pianists have distilled such a sense of impish, zany glee in the finale of No 1. Pletnev fans will need no prompting.” -The Daily Telegraph, London, August 2007

Poster, Tom

Tom Poster

Described as “a marvel, [who] can play anything in any style” (The Herald), “an unparalleled sound-magician” (General-Anzeiger), a “young lion” (The Guardian), and as possessing “great authority and astounding virtuosity” (Est Républicain).

Puryshinskaja, Irina

Irina Puryshinskaja

geboren in Moskau, Studium am dortigen Tschaikowsky-Konservatorium bei Prof. G.Axelrod und Abschluß der FächerKammermusik, Liedgestaltung und Klavier solo, jeweils mit Auszeichnung.