HB 116 and HB 125

The models of the BLÜTHNER – HAESSLER160th ANNIVERSARY EDITION not only stand for the traditional, but also for the modern, for the innovation and courage to dare something new. Research and development, global awareness, and the clear responsibility to sustain the purest quality of tone have inspired this instrument. This indefatigable vision is stamped into every Blüthner-Haessler piano crafted in Leipzig. The new models combine timeless elegance, clean lines and modernity in their design. The traditional craftsmanship ensures an unmistakable sound.

Experience and Innovation have been fashioned together to offer both an optical and aural experience of the highest level. The models of the BLÜTHNER - HAESSLER 160th ANNIVERSARY EDITION are offered in black polish with brass accents.

Model HB 116

Height: 116 cm - 46"

Width:  149 cm - 59"

Weight: 200 kg - 440 lbs.


Model HB 125

Height: 125 cm - 49"

Width:  152 cm - 60"

Weight: 220 kg - 485 lbs.


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