The Alfred Reinhold Foundation supports music and culture in numerous countries by partnering with organizers of piano competitions, piano festivals and piano concert series. An overview of the various recent and upcoming events are listed below.


Regularly held every other year in late March, the Epinal International Piano Competition welcomes competitors from all over the world, listened to by an International Jury composed of a panel of eminent personalities from the world of music.

The aim of the Competition is obviously to give a chance to the competitors to make it into the list of award winners, leading to an international career.

However, it is also an opportunity for the people of Epinal (some 4000 music lovers come to the City Theatre during the week) and a unique experience for the young pianists in contact with the piano schools from around the world.

With the continued support of the City of Epinal, the Département des Vosges and the Région Lorraine among others, the competition became, across decades, a major french musical event.


Blüthner Piano Centre London in association with the Alfred Reinhold Foundation presents a series of recitals, featuring some of the best emerging young pianists of today alongside established artists. The concert program is held at the prestigious St. John's Smith Square in London.


Each year, the Blüthner Foundation Alfred-Reinhold organizes the  „Blüthner Classics“ concert series in the Mediencampus Villa Ida in Leipzig, Germany. Young artists perform from all over the world, including the winners of our prestigious international piano competitions.

For more information, visit the official website of the Mediencampus Villa Ida.


37th edition of the international piano festival La Roque d’Anthéron, France: from 21st of July until 19th of August 2017. This event is a classical music festival for piano. This new season will once again be marked by great and talented international players. The talents are young and virtuoso and the programming is eclectic and prestigious. More than 70 concerts will take place on 13 stages around the regions of „Bouches-du.Rhône“ and „Vaucluse“, with the main stage in the „Parc du Château de Florans“.


The international piano competition Adili Alieva is open to pianists from any country. The 11th edition will take place from Mai 14th to Mai 16th 2017. Candidates are divided in two categories: professional pianists (born btw 1972 and 1995) and young pianists (born btw 1996 and 2003). The competition is organised in three parts: a preliminary round, semi-finals and finals. The preliminary round consists in making a recording of their interpretation of the demanded pieces. Semi-finals and finals take place in Annemasse and Geneva. The selected candidates have to present works of their choice and mandatory ones. The program of each part vary according to the category.

Brahms Klavierwettbewerb Detmold ~ Detmold, Germany

The Brahms Klavierwettbewerb Detmold is an piano competition hosted in September by the conservatory Hochschule für Musik, Detmold in Germany. Competitors from universities across Germany, Austria and Switzerland will compete first in a general video round, and then in 3 live rounds before the judging panel. Each round has a requisite work by Brahms, as well as at least one other composer.


Ingesund Piano Foundation is collaborating with Blüthner Pianos and Wermlands Opera Orchestra to present the 8th Nordic Piano Competition in March 2017 in Arvika, Sweden. The competition is open to citizens or permanent residents of any of the Nordic countries: Finland, Sweden, Iceland, Norway, or Denmark, as well as citizens of any other country and currently studying at a music institution in any of the Nordic countries, and to full time Erasmus/Nordplus students (or any other official exchange program) in any of the Nordic countries.

The competition is organised in 5 parts: a preliminary video round, a first round – approx. 30 pianists are selected for this part, a second Round – approx. 15 pianists are selected to take part in this one, then a pre-qualification finals – 6 pianists will play  and finally the finals - 3 pianists will compete and be accompanied by the Wermlands Opera Orchestra. All phases of the 8th Nordic Piano Competition will be open to public.

The Blüthner foundation offers a piano recital season with young promising musicians from all over the world. During this edition 2016-2017, the concerts were spread out from October 2016 to Mai 2017. Juliana Steinbach (Brasil), Maroussia Gentet (France), Ryutaro Suzuki (Japan) and many more artists appeared on stage at the Goethe Institut in Paris.

... industri premio internazionale pianistico a scriabin 2017 sarà un

The competition is open to piano soloists of any nationality and born after January 1st, 1981. Candidates perform in three rounds. Musiciens must play all works from memory. Since February 2000 the Orchestra Sinfonica Citta’ Di Grosseto, conducted by Amaury Du Closel, accompanies the piano soloists during the finals of the International Piano Competition “A. Scriabin”. The jury will award a First, Second and Third Prize, taking into consideration the level of execution. The First Prize is indivisible, the Second and Third Prizes can be awarded to more than one candidate who will share the bursary award. Performances are open to public. The 19th edition of the international piano competition of Grosseto, in Italy, took place from the 21st to the 26th of February 2017.


The Pablo Casals Festival offers masterpieces of chamber music as well as less known classical and contemporary repertoires. It welcomes worldwide well-known soloists each year. It is actually one of the oldest existing festival but also one of the most innovative in the research of new talents and repertoires. It also offers an academy, which welcomes music students from all continents, and a compostion competition open to musiciens from any school or origin. This year, the festival takes place in Prades, France, from the 24th of July until the 13th of August 2017.